Action Plan: Recharge Your Body From the Inside Out

Dr. Oz has a plan to help you feel more satisfied about the way you feel and the way you look. Unlock the diet and beauty secrets that will help you glow and stay on-the-go.

Recharge your body from the inside out with simple modifications that will help you shed those stubborn pounds, rev your body’s energy engine, cope with stress, and get that youthful glow back.

Internal Recharge Plan

Step 1: Rule of Three
If you feel like you’re making all the right decisions when it comes to your diet, but you have yet to  see any results, you may want to rethink your strategy. This is where the Rule of Three comes into play. Eat small meals every 3 hours, and focus on consuming 3 nutrients, including 1 serving of protein, 1 serving of carbohydrates and 1 serving of healthy fat, as well as unlimited vegetables. The beauty of the Rule of Three is that you get to choose - it’s not about one heaping portion of the same dish. Instead, it’s all about variety.

Recharging small meal ideas:

  • Puréed broccoli soup (go for the pure vegetable variety and avoid cream-based soups)
  • Teff bread (made of an Ethiopian ancient grain) topped with sprouted almond butter, which provides both healthy fats and protein
  • A serving of adzuki beans, high in fiber and excellent for the digestive system
  • For some fat, try a few slices of avocado or cheese
  • A glass of beet juice is an antioxidant-rich source of carbohydrates

Step 2: Energy Sustainers
It’s time to ban "quick fix" and "pick-me-up" from your vocabulary and your diet. The idea is to identify the right way to achieve that steady, slow release of energy that will get you through the day. If you’ve been relying on sugar, the harsh reality is that what goes up, always comes spiraling down. Sugars can actually zap you of your energy instead of helping to improve your stamina.

By making your own trail mix, you won’t feel the need to reach for that sugary granola or candy bar.

Stamina Sustaining Trail Mix:

  • Hemp seeds, a complete source of protein, no carbohydrates and nutty in flavor
  • Unsweetened coconut flakes, healthy fat and carbohydrates
  • Dark chocolate chips

Make a large batch and store. Use a half-cup scoop and pack to-go. When 3:00 p.m. comes, you’ll have the perfect snack that will satisfy your sweet tooth, give you the crunch you crave, keep you energized, and most importantly, help you steer clear of the vending machine.

Step 3: Embrace and Recover Stress
Stress is inevitable, and while there are ways to reduce stress, the truth is, there’s no avoiding it. And that’s not a bad thing. Stress is a natural body response, and often helps spur us into action. Too much stress and mismanaging it are conditions we all fall victim to, and when the body begins to suffer. The final step of the Internal Recharge Plan is to embrace stress and help the body properly recover from it. By embracing stress, you can mentally prepare for it and not let it interfere with your stamina, energy levels and overall sense of wellbeing.

  • Eat cultured, or fermented, vegetables like kim chi and sauerkraut. Fermentation unlocks a more potent nutrient value in these foods, so you’re getting more vitamins. The colors of these foods signal the presence of antioxidants, which are restorative and combat the damage stress does to the body. Cultured vegetables are an excellent source of good bacteria, which nourish the digestive system and help to mitigate the stress response in that area of your body.
  • Try an herbal supplement at night. This is distinct from using a sleep medication, which may leave you feeling groggy in the morning. Herbal supplements engage the body’s natural process, so you can turn off and create that recovery. Look for supplements that contain calming herbs such as chamomile, lemon balm and passion flower.

Recharge Your Appearance

Many woman don’t realize that their biggest skin problems actually have some very simple solutions. If you feel like your skin needs an external recharge or that your normal skin regimen just isn’t working anymore, start with a 3-step external recharge.

Step 1: Restore Skin Chemistry
Most woman would complain that their skin doesn't glow, that it appears drab. Cold weather and harsh soaps can be the cause of this, as they throw skin pH off balance. The proper pH balance range for healthy skin is between 4.5 and 5.5. If you're over your normal pH range, your skin will be dry, dull and flaky. To remedy this and restore balance, use a milk compress at night after you cleanse your skin (think of Cleopatra’s ancient spa remedies). Milk has a natural restoring quality thanks to lactic acid and alpha-hydroxy acid that clear away dead skin layers. Dip a washcloth in a bowl of milk and apply to the skin. After a week, try a moisturizer with active ingredients like glycolic acid that will help maintain pH balance.

Step 2: Color Therapy
Introduce the actual colors of the rainbow to your skin. One method is through blue and red light therapy. Different wavelengths of light within the color spectrum can have different effects on the skin. Blue light attacks acne bacteria and is a good alternative for those that can’t tolerate creams and pills. Red light has anti-aging powers and is shown to stimulate collagen and elastin. In-office visits can cost thousands of dollars, but handheld devices that cost just under $250 are a more  cost-effective method of benefiting from this kind of therapy.

Step 3: Deep Tissue Diet
If wrinkles, sagging, bags under your eyes and cellulite are major concerns for you, firm up your skin cells by eating foods high in anthocyanin, an antioxidant that fights free radical damage and builds collagen. Purple varieties of potatoes, carrots and tomatoes all have different types of anthocyanin.

A new health food, the kakadu plum, or the billygoat plum, which is native to Australia, is said to contain the highest level of anthocyanin and is believed to be the richest known natural source of vitamin C. While the kakadu  plum  fruit is not yet a vailable in stores, but  there is a drink mix that you can find online. Just add water to reap the benefits of tighter, firmer skin.

Want to help lower your risk of getting cancer? The answer could be in the food you eat! Dr. John Whyte, chief medical officer at WebMD and the author of "Take Control of Your Cancer Risk," says there are three kinds of foods that could really help prevent cancer: garlic, fish and grapes. And what three kinds of foods should you avoid? Red and processed meats, refined grains, and alcoholic and sugary drinks. Watch the videos below to learn more about how food could be connected to your cancer risk.