Alternate Names for the "Bath Salt" Drug

Highly hallucinogenic, potentially lethal and legal – it’s important you learn about the newest designer drugs sweeping the nation. The street name is “Bath Salts,” but make no mistake, they were never intended for your tub. Stay vigilant and protect your family from this menace by learning what names to look out for. Click here for a printable copy.

Alternate Names for the "Bath Salt" Drug

Poison control centers around the country are being flooded with calls. Emergency rooms are inundated with people who’ve taken this stimulant. Most terrifyingly, this new drug craze is something almost anyone can purchase.

Legal in almost every state, “bath salt” is the latest designer drug to be sweeping the nation. Never intended to be put in bathwater, this powdery substance is packaged as “bath salt” to circumvent drug laws. Bath salt is a hallucenigon; people who use it experience intense paranoid delusions -- some believing their friends and family are out to hurt them, others seeing grotesque visions. Frequently, these incidents are followed by days of anxiety and paranoia, and, in some cases users are even being transferred to long term psychiatric centers.

Easily found at gas stations and convenience stores, it is important to learn the many names of this drug to protect your family from its dangerous effects. Click here for a printable copy.

Bath Salts

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