The Anti-Alzheimer’s Grocery List

Stock up on these foods to prevent Alzheimer’s.

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The Science-Backed Meal Plan to Prevent Alzheimer's (3:49)

According to new research and studies, food plays in both on our physical health and mental health as well. Neuroscientists and co-directors at Loma Linda University Drs. Ayesha and Dean Sherzai have created an anti-Alzheimer's meal plan that puts an emphasis on eating more vegetables, avoiding simple sugars, and adding more fiber to your diet. Want to boost your brain health and improve your overall wellbeing? Stock up on the foods below. To take this grocery list with you to the store, print it out here.


The Anti-Alzheimer's Meal Plan

The Anti-Alzheimer's Meal Plan Recipes

10 Brain Foods to Cut Your Alzheimer's Risk