Autism May Soon Be Detected With a Blood Test

This test could the key to earlier diagnoses.

Following earlier research this year, further analysis shows that autism may be detectable via blood test. As of today, there is still no clear explanation for why autism spectrum disorder (ASD) occurs and there is currently no treatment. However, researchers have determined that the sooner ASD is diagnosed, the better. 

Since this disorder can only be diagnosed by a professional observation, autism is often not officially discovered in patients until they are around four years old and up. In the United States alone, 1 in 59 children has ASD. The prospect of an accurate blood test diagnosis could help children get the assistance they need that much sooner. This condition is typically marked by tics, anxiety, learning issues, mood swings, and repetitive behaviors. Since these symptoms could be misinterpreted without the proper diagnosis, being able to spot the condition sooner could improve these symptoms and give children the specialized care they need.  


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