The Blanks’ 21-Day Summer Slimdown Plan

Billy Blanks Jr. grew up watching his fitness guru father put Tae Bo on the map. Now along with his wife, Sharon Catherine, Billy wants to help you slim down your body and get in shape – just in time for summer!

The Blanks’ 21-Day Summer Slimdown Plan

The son of the Tae Bo guru, Billy Blanks, Jr. is a fitness professional who uses dance to help people lose weight and get healthy. As a Broadway and television star, his wife Sharon Catherine shares his passion for fitness. Together, they’ve combined their fat-fighting know-how to design a plan they say can get you slim in just 21 days. The Blanks focused on maximizing results; they promise that if you stick to the slimdown’s rules and meal plan, you can reshape your body for summer. Start today and get bikini-ready in no time.

Below are the 5 rules of the 21-Day Summer Slimdown Plan.

1. Only Eat Foods from the Fridge

Fresh foods from your refrigerator are the least processed and most nutritious. For 3 weeks, cut out all foods that are boxed, processed or packaged. Eat raw foods as much as possible, which are rich in energizing nutrients. Keep your fridge stocked with grapes, watermelons and apples. Trade iceberg lettuce for dark, leafy greens. Fill your meals with plenty of veggies.

2. Have Broth-Based Soup Before Every Meal

Billy and Sharon swear that soup is the secret weapon to eating less. Having 1 cup of soup before you eat will fill you up before you even begin your meal. This strategy will prevent overeating. Instead of throwing away veggies that have lost their crispness, toss them right into your soup.

3. Eat All Meats and Complex Carbs Before 2pm

You should eat the heaviest foods in the morning when you’re most active. You’ll get the energy you need to start the day, plus your body will have plenty of time to break down the food and burn extra calories. This plan features special, lighter meals after 2pm and eating less before bed to streamline weight loss.

4. Have 3 Energy Snacks a Day

Energy snacks are what will keep you going throughout the day. You’ll want to have snacks that are good for you and are easy to grab on-the-go. They prevent blood sugar spikes and keep you satisfied. Try peanuts with a Brie cheese wedge, flavored kale chips, apple slices or dark chocolate.

5. Drink a Metabolism Boosting Drink After Each Meal

Not only does this drink stop you from craving a post-meal sweet treat, it flushes out your system to help fight bloat. Have a glass after every meal. Click here for the metabolism-boosting drink recipe.

Being on a diet doesn’t mean you have to feel deprived; the meals on this Slimdown Plan are designed to leave you satisfied. Additionally, the Blanks made it a priority to ensure all their meals are easy to make. See the meal plan to get your body reshaped by summer!

21-Day Summer Slimdown Meal Plan

Carb Lover’s Breakfast

Eat the majority of carbs at breakfast. You are the most active in the morning and throughout the day so you should be able to burn off the extra calories and lose weight. Begin your day with an egg sandwich on a whole wheat English muffin with turkey bacon or a whole wheat waffle with almond butter and a side of blueberries.

Triple Protein Power Lunch

Most people have a snack attack after lunch because they're still hungry or ate their lunch too quickly. This triple protein power lunch keeps you fuller longer for less calories. Start your meal with eggs or fish. Add additional protein like cheese. Finally, top off your power lunch with a third source of protein like chickpeas and beans. A great choice is turkey tacos with low-fat cheese and avocado with a side of beans. You can also try a grilled salmon or vegetable udon noodles with chickpea salad.

Mandatory Mini Meal At 4pm

A mini-meal prevents you from overeating at dinner. Avoid going to bed with a full stomach to help burn more calories and maximize weight loss. Enjoy a glass of low-sodium tomato juice and a serving of veggies.

Sexy Salad Dinner

On the Blanks’ plan, salads are no longer boring or unsatisfying. Sharon believes that salads are a big reason people fail at weight loss because they feel doomed to a diet of lackluster lettuce. Accordingly, she reinvented salads to he hearty; her version contains three different kinds of lettuce, fruits like clementines and tofu. Her salad’s real secret ingredient is the homemade dressing. Click here for the full recipe.

100-Calorie Freezer Desserts

The best part of this plan is that you get dessert every day! Your choice must be frozen, because those foods take longer to eat. Treat yourself to frozen grapes, frozen dark chocolate, frozen Greek yogurt-covered blueberries or a frozen almond butter and banana sandwich.

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