Blood Pressure Tracker One-Sheet

Track your blood pressure – and your health – with this printable sheet!

Blood Pressure Tracker One-Sheet

Do you know your numbers? About one-third of the population has high blood pressure, but millions don't know it! People who lower their blood pressure to a healthy level (the ideal number is 115/75) can lower their risk of stroke, heart disease and kidney disease.

Your blood pressure numbers at a doctor's office are often inaccurate and don't necessarily reflect your health. Instead of getting a yearly reading during a routine exam, Dr. Oz recommends you take your blood pressure regularly at home. Here are Dr. Oz's guidelines:

  • Don't get cuffed too fast! Settle down for five minutes before you take your blood pressure.
  • For one week, take your blood pressure once in the morning and once at night. This will give you the most accurate reading.
  • Take it on a monthly basis, too.

Use this tracker to help you document your numbers. Get the printable version here!

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