Breaking Through With Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins, entrepreneur, author, Peak Performance strategist and host of NBC’s Breakthrough With Tony Robbins, discusses the importance of crisis management and how, even in the most dire circumstances, we all have the power to change our lives, to heal and to break through.

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Transformation. For all of us, it's an organic and impartial life force. Age and time transform us as do life-altering events – and when these events are classified as crises, that change can feel fatal, unfair, paralyzing. It can be easy to submit, to accept the raw deal we've been handed.

Or you can fight back. Take monumental action and transform your life. We cannot control that which will change us – but we can control how we are changed. There is no better herald for this philosophy than Tony Robbins.

As a young man, Tony desired to help individuals transform the quality of their lives; 30 years later, this desire has become a lifelong crusade. He has advised presidents, spiritual leaders, corporations, and professional athletes – and now his mission is hitting primetime television with a series of specials, Breakthrough With Tony Robbins.

As defined by Tony, a breakthrough is a moment in time that contains a mental, psychological and spiritual shift. What once seemed impossible is now possible; an event, a meeting, a person – some exposure that shapes and moves you.

On Breakthrough, Tony helps Americans in the midst of an emotional, spiritual and/or mental crisis understand that "crisis" does not mean failure, loss or powerlessness. Crisis does not define us; our reaction to crisis does. Tony commands, "Stop thinking. Take action." His series of breakthrough experiences demonstrate that belief is a poor substitute for experience. It does not matter what you believe about yourself, your limitations or your capabilities – if you conquer an experience, then that is what defines you. Even in the most extreme circumstances.

In an interview with, Tony explained that no one is incapable of a breakthrough. No one is immune to transformation, enlightenment or the power of experience. But what happens after the cameras stop rolling? Is there a maintenance plan? No, explains Tony. The individuals he helps simply are changed through a series of "stacked experiences." He used the example of Frank and Kristen, a couple seeking their breakthrough in Tuesday's season premiere. Frank suffered a crushing accident at his own wedding reception. Celebrating his nuptials with friends and family in Mexico, Frank slipped on a step while jumping into the pool and instantly became a quadriplegic. Tony set out on a 30-day mission to help this couple in need – a newlywed bride that instantly became a nurse and a groom was instantly stripped of his masculinity and independence.

Nearly a year later, after Tony's help, this couple is still going strong. After a series of stacked experiences – traveling across the world to the Fiji Islands, skydiving, driving through the desert – Frank felt like a man again and Kristen felt like the wife. At the end of their journey, Tony gave them a new wedding day. One filled with joy and celebration.

How does Tony do it? How does he parachute into people's lives, people who seemingly don't want help or don't know how to change? How does he find solutions for seemingly insurmountable problems? Because he knows that people will change when they have to. "It's all about discovering what drives them most; you can't influence them until you know what influences them. You must enter people's worlds: Discover what they value most and what their blueprint is." Then you can identify the best way to shift their pain into power, their suffering into success.

As Tony explains on his blog, A Chance to Break Through: How You Can Use Crisis to Transform Your Life with Arianna Huffington on the Huffington Post, he wanted to create a television show to remind people of what they already knew: that when you witness real people breaking through, two things happen. You are moved. And you are inspired. Change is possible.

With his blog, where people are encouraged to share their own breakthrough stories, and his NBC series, Tony is creating an empowering community of change. Where stories are shared and inspiration is born.

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