Breastfeeding for Multiples

Think you can’t possibly produce enough milk to breastfeed all your multiples? Think again.

Breastfeeding for Multiples

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Believe it or not, the amount of milk you produce actually has nothing to do with how many babies you have – it’s all about how much and how often you breastfeed or pump. So whether you have one baby, twins, or more, your body should compensate by producing more milk, the more you breastfeed (or pump). Yes, your body is pretty amazing.

How do you get your body ready to feed your new brood? According to Karen Moise, a multiples expert and Registered Nurse with the Texas Children’s Hospital, the key is to start pumping or breastfeeding right after the babies are born. First, make sure your doctors and nurses know of your breastfeeding plans in advance. If you’re having trouble breastfeeding at first, many hospitals offer lactation specialists on staff to help show you the basics. But even if they don’t, seek one out; these nurses are specially trained, have oodles of information to share, and are pros at lending all of their insight, encouragement, and advice – so take advantage and ask plenty of questions!

Need a little help boosting your supply? Many cultures have specific foods or dishes that they believe will help a mother increase her milk supply. Oatmeal and hops are 2 of them. Many grains, in fact, seem to have a positive effect on milk supply, although there has been very little research to show if this effect is actually real or how it even works. Fenugreek is used in many cultures’ traditional dishes given to new mothers, and there’s evidence that fenugreek is very helpful in increasing milk supply. In any case, eating a well-rounded diet of healthy fresh foods is your best bet – for you and for your babies.

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