Body Mass Index Calculator: BMI Calculator

While many are prompted to begin their weight-loss journey because of the number on their scale, Dr. Oz urges attention be paid to one's BMI as well. Learn what your BMI is, how to calculate it and why it's an important indicator of your overall health.

Body Mass Index Calculator: BMI Calculator

Often referred to as your BMI, your body mass index is a measure of your weight relative to your height.

Because more fat around your midsection can directly increase your risk for a heart attack, heart disease and diabetes, your BMI should fall between 18.4 - 24.9. 

Enter your information in the calculator on the right to find out your BMI range.

Other BMI guidelines include:

Underweight  < 18.5

Overweight 25 – 29.9

Obese 30 – 39.9

Extreme obesity Above 40

Click here to calculate your body mass index with this BMI calculator chart. 

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