Can You Help Identify These Missing Woman?

Investigators need your help identifying these unknown women photographed by the "Model Murderer".

Bill Bradford, the "Model Murderer," was convicted of killing at least two young women during the 1980s, but crime investigators suspect his list of victims is much longer. Bradford would pose as a professional photographer and take photos of his female victims before strangling them to death and hiding their remains. Police have discovered over 50 photographs taken by the killer, but the identities of many of the women photographed remain unknown.  

Cold case investigator Paul Holes and true crime journalist Billy Jensen are asking for your help to new clues to help identify these five unknown women photographed by Bradford. 

Contact investigators here if you have any new information on the case. 

Missing woman #12, pictured above

Missing woman #21, pictured above

Missing woman #29, pictured above

Missing woman #38, pictured above

Missing woman #43, pictured above

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