In Case You Missed It: Alternative Health Secrets From India

Dr. Oz examines the healing potential of ayurveda – an ancient practice that promotes harmony among the mind, body and spirit.

In Case You Missed It: Alternative Health Secrets From India

India’s Health Secrets

Curry: Fights Alzheimer’s

  • Curry powder is a blend of different spices.
  • Typically includes turmeric, coriander and cumin.
  • Indians eat 100-200 mg curry/day. 
  • Many of the spices in curry powder, like turmeric, are linked to lower rates of cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s.
  • Click here for a recipe to make your own curry powder mix.
  • Cook with curry or sprinkle liberally to taste.

Sandalwood: Anti-Aging

  • Reduces inflammation, detoxifies the skin, and increases circulation.
  • Soothes, calms and hydrates skin.
  • To make a beauty treatment face mask: Mix powder with water to make a paste. Then apply the paste, leave on overnight for best effect.

Holy Basil: Fights Stress

  • Studies have shown holy basil reduces emotional stress and physical damage from stress, including atherosclerosis, which leads to heart disease.
  • Available in plant form at farmer’s markets or in supplement form at the health store.
  • Eat a medium sized leaf every day to counteract stress.


Abhyanga Massage: Boost Immunity

  • Similar to a Swedish massage.
  • The treatment is oil-based.
  • Use warm yellow sesame oil, available at grocery stores.
  • Start with your face and head.
  • Practice for 5 minutes daily.

Is Your Husband a Health Hazard?

Find out if your spouse’s habits are  annoying or dangerous.

Bad Habit #1: Clipping Toe Nails in Bed

Verdict: Annoying

  • Toenails can have 3 different types of fungus and countless forms of bacteria, but it’s not damaging unless it gets into your body through a cut, or your mouth.

Bad Habit #2: Drinking Milk Straight From the Carton

Verdict: Health Hazard

  • The temperature inside refrigerators isn’t cold enough to kill germs.
  • The germs from your body can be left behind in the container and transferred to someone else.

Bad Habit #3: Leaving Dirty Clothes on the Floor

Verdict: Annoying

  • With dirty underwear, there is the possibility of fecal contamination.
  • It’s only a health hazard if these items are left on a surface people eat on. If it’s just on the floor, it’s not dangerous.

Bad Habit #4: Screaming at the TV

Verdict: Health Hazard

  • Research shows that unwanted background noise above 60 decibels causes stress.
  • Stress can prompt chemical messengers to constrict blood flow through coronary arteries.
  • It may increase blood pressure and risk for heart attack.

Flowers for Healthy Skin

These pretty petals can be the secret to glowing, healthy skin.


Lavender: Dry Skin

  • Hydrates and improves dry and scaly skin
  • Look for it in moisturizing creams for your eyes, face and body.


Echinacea: Blemishes

  • Kills bacteria and reduces swelling.
  • Look for facial soaps, masks and toners containing echinacea.

Feverfew: Eczema or Psoriasis

  • When purified, it contains powerful anti-inflammatory compounds that calm and soothe skin.
  • Look for it in moisturizers and cleansers.


Rose: Reverse Sun Damage

  • Rose hips are used to make an antioxidant-rich oil.
  • Prevents and treat sun damage.
  • Look for rose hips or Rosa canina in facial serums and creams.

Killer Clog in Your Throat: Solutions

Would you know how to handle an obstructed airway? Dr. Oz tells you the lifesaving information you need to know.

Choking Solution: Heimlich Maneuver

Four Steps:

1: Make a fist with one hand.

2. Reach around the victim.

3. Grab fist with opposite hand just above the navel.

4. Do 5 abdominal thrusts

Bronchitis Solutions:

For bacterial bronchitis, you need antibiotics.

For viral bronchitis:

  • Use an expectorant to dislodge phlegm.
  • Humidifiers and heat may help, too.
  • Research shows South African geranium may decrease mucous and has anti-viral properties. You can find it in health food stores.

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