Cheapskate's Guide to Living Longer

Good health is priceless, but you don't have to break the bank to benefit from Dr. Oz's bargain longevity boosters. These budget-friendly basics - all under $10 - can add years to your life.

Dr. Oz's Cheapskate Guide proves that you can be frugal and health conscious. By incorporating these 4 items into your diet and daily practice, you can work toward turning back the clock and looking forward to a healthful future. Boost your immunity, prevent disease, and combat the wear and tear of everyday stress with the help of important antioxidants, essential omega fatty acids and a little bit of meditation.

Budget Longevity Booster #1: Black Tea

It's basic, old-fashioned and no frills, but black tea is a great source of flavonoids, a potent heart disease and cancer fighter. Don't dilute its healthful properties by adding too much cream or sugar; sip it straight. A 100 count package is less than $5. Click here to learn more about the healing powers of tea.

Budget Longevity Booster #2: Ground Flaxseed

Ground flax is a great source of heart- and brain-protecting Omega-3s. It's easy to incorporate ground flax into your diet. You can add it to yogurt, cereals, baked goods, smoothies and much more thanks to its smooth, nutty flavor. It's very important to eat only ground flax; the body cannot digest or absorb the nutrients from whole seeds. A standard bag of ground flax is just $4.

Budget Longevity Booster #3: Japanese Mushrooms

Whatever variety you choose - enoki, shitake or oyster - rest assured that Japanese mushrooms are a great immunity booster. They are also loaded with ergothioneine, a powerful antioxidant, that does not get destroyed during the cooking process. You can get a carton of each kind all for under $10.

Budget Immunity Booster #4: Chinese Harmony Balls

Stress management is an important step in adding years to your life. Stress is the #1 ager of the body and its effects can be beyond destructive. It's important to get a handle on stress; one way to achieve this is through meditation. Chinese harmony balls are a good way to zen out. They target acupressure points that stimulate the release of healthy energy, the rhythmic motion can be relaxing, and they produce a gentle vibration and soothing sound. You can find them at Asian specialty stores or online for about $9. Click here to learn how to stress-proof your body in 5 steps.

Click here for Dr. Oz's Longevity Grocery List. After you've made your trip to the supermarket, cook up these longevity recipes.

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