The Cleveland Clinic's Lifestyle 180 Program

Lifestyle 180 is a Cleveland Clinic program designed to reverse the effects of chronic disease through lifestyle modification. Specifically, the program focuses on nutrition, exercise, and stress management. Lifestyle 180 improves the quality of life for patients with cardiovascular diseases including diabetes, hypertension, and obesity, multiple sclerosis, breast or prostate cancers, fatty liver disease (NASH), or inflammatory bowel disease. This yearlong program is currently only available at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute campus located in Lyndhurst, Ohio. If you are committed to positive change, Lifestyle 180 will teach you how to reclaim your health and vitality. While not yet covered by many insurance programs, Lifestyle 180 will offset increasingly high co-pays for doctor visits and medications.

For more information

Phone: 877.331.WELL (9355)

Click here to visit the Lifestyle 180 website.

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