The Correct Way to Care for Contact Lenses

Keep bacteria at bay with these healthy tips to clean, care for, and wear your contacts the proper way.

The Correct Way to Care for Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a favorable alternative for many who prefer not to wear glasses. Whether you wear contacts daily or only on occasion, the proper care of your contacts will ensure your eye health, comfort, and the longevity of the lenses.

Always be sure to wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap before handling your contact lenses. Some soaps and lotions can leave a film that will cause irritation or effect clarity, and potentially damage the lens.

Daily disposable options aside, contact lenses generally need to be cleaned daily. It’s best to allow your contacts to soak in solution overnight, and it is important to replace the solution every night. You can utilize basic saline solution or a cleaning solution. Your doctor will likely recommend a method of cleaning best suited for your specific type of contacts. When using a cleaning solution, make sure to wait the time directed on the label before placing a lens into your eye. To be safe, it is best to rinse each contact with basic saline solution before use.

Store contacts in a case specifically for contact lenses and leave in a cool, safe place with fresh solution when contacts are not in use.

When wearing contacts, always make sure you have eye drops with you. If you notice irritation during the day, you can use those drops to flush it out or lubricate your lens and eye. There are many types of drops available and you may use whichever you prefer. Eye drops stating they moisturize, lubricate, or are for sensitive eyes, are recommended to best comfort lens-covered eyes.

If you wear makeup and prefer contacts instead of glasses, your beauty routine may be a bit of a conundrum. Makeup easily irritates lenses, but how do you apply makeup if you are unable to see clearly?  Depending on your prescription strength, you can put in your contacts before or after your routine is complete. For makeup lovers, it is very important to wash your hands, dry them thoroughly, and ensure your eyes are moisturized. It is best to avoid putting product along your lid ledge, the sensitive edge of the lid between your eyes and lashes. Also, be sure your mascara and eyeliner are not aged, appearing clumpy and dry, as that can be a trigger for eye irritations.

Use caution when engaging in water-based activities while wearing contacts, as it is easier for your lenses to come out unexpectedly. Showering is safe, but be careful when washing your face and when rubbing your eyes.

Though contacts are an aid for your vision, they are foreign objects in your eyes and you want to be sure you are using them properly! If you are careful to clean and care for your contacts, you will get the most out of your wear.

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