Day-Off Diet Tune-In Calendar

Find out when to watch The Dr. Oz Show for all things Day-Off Diet.

Get the lastest on the Day-Off Diet by watching The Dr. Oz Show! The schedule below will help you stay on track, while giving you expert advice, strategies, recipes, and lots more. Download the complete plan here and find more information on the Day-Off Diet.

January 4, 2016: The Day-Off Diet Kicks Off: The Only Plan You Need for Weight Loss

January 5, 2016: The Day-Off Diet: The One Exercise to Jump-Start Your Weight Loss

January 6, 2016: 4 Surprising Reasons the Scale Isn't Budging and How to Fix It Fast; and Chris Powell Answers Your Most Popular Diet Questions

January 13, 2016: Hungry Girl's 10 Power Protein Meals

January 15, 2016: Small Changes That Add Up to Big Weight Loss and the Delicious Secret to Jenna Wolfe's "Day Off"

January 19, 2016: The Day-Off Diet: The Best Way to Drink Coffee for Weight Loss and 20 Best Soups for Weight Loss

100-Calorie Spicy Potato Chip Recipe

You don't have to resist this low-calorie snack!

The Dish at Home gives you a snack you don't have to resist with these low-calorie spicy potato chips.