Detox in 7 Days Without Juicing

This easy detox plan involves eating colorful whole foods and doesn’t include juices. Try it to feel vibrant and younger in just one week!

Detox in 7 Days Without Juicing

Ditch calorie cutting and resorting to juice-only detoxes for good. Woodson Merrell, MD and Mary Beth Augustine, MS, RDN, authors of The Detox Prescription, have a plan to detox in just seven days by eating whole foods. Whole foods offer the same benefits of detoxing (reversing diet damage, inflammation and providing antioxidants to prevent further damage), plus they provide you with a healthy diet you can maintain for a longer amount of time than when resorting to juicing.

Follow this two-phase plan to feel vibrant, younger, and refreshed in seven days.

Days 1-3: Eat Only Soft Foods

This is the best way to get the biggest health boost. You’re aiding digestion, which allows your body to absorb food better and floods your body with nutrients (anything that improves digestion will improve absorption of nutrients).

How Much Can I Eat?

You can eat three meals and two snacks. Calories don’t matter–this plan is all about colors–so eat as much as you want at each meal.


Breakfast: sweet potato with fruit and cinnamon

Lunch: cauliflower rice with stuffed avocado (with hummus, lemon, salt and pepper)

Dinner: savory mushroom soup

Snacks: nut butter and banana, berry sorbet

Days 4-7: Eat C-C-A Foods

What Are C-C-A Foods?

·         CRUCIFEROUS (kale, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts)

·         CITRUS (lemon, limes and mandarin oranges)

·         ALLIUM (onion and garlic)

How Do These Foods Work?

The CCA foods you’re incorporating into the detox are particularly powerful in helping further eliminate the toxins and dramatically increase the detoxification process.

How Much Can I Eat?

You can eat three meals and two snacks per day day. Like in the last few days, calories don’t matter in this phase, either.


Breakfast: tofu veggie scramble

Cruciferous: broccoli

Citrus: side grapefruit

Allium: scallions

Lunch: garlic green beans with red cabbage slaw

Cruciferous: green beans & red cabbage

Citrus: lemon zest

Allium: garlic

Dinner: three-bean kale sauté with brown rice

Cruciferous: kale

Citrus: lemon

Allium: onions

Snacks: oranges, red peppers, kale chips, nuts and seeds

Recipes from Detox Without Juicing:

Lentil-Cashew-Stuffed Peppers

Three-Bean Kale Sauté With Brown Rice


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