Dr. Aviv’s 20 Surprising Acidic Foods

Prevent damage to your esophageal lining by limiting the intake of these acid-forming foods.

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Eating a diet full of fatty, processed and fried foods causes your body to produce so much acid that it starts creeping up into your esophagus all the way into your throat, causing throatburn. In his new book, Killing Me Softly From Inside, Dr. Jonathan Aviv discusses the unexpected foods that may be irritating your body. If you eat a healthy diet that consists of fruits and vegetable but continue to experience Acid Reflux symptoms, check to see if the foods on this list below might be the cause of your discomfort.

1. Blueberries (pH 4.1)

2. Raspberries (pH 3.56)

3. Strawberries (pH 3.8)

4. Cherries (pH 4.4)

5. Blackberries (pH 3.7)

6. Honey (pH 4.3)

7. Hummus (pH 4.3)

8. Pineapple (pH 3.8)

9. Peach (pH 4.2)

10. Green Apples (pH 3.5)

11. Grapes- green seedless (pH 4.1)

12. Grape Tomatoes (pH 4.5)

13. Ketchup (pH 3.7)

14. Mustard (pH 3.8)

15. Mayonnaise (pH 3.5)

16. Ice Tea (pH 3)

17. Cranberry Juice  (pH 2.5)

18. Vitamin Drinks (Grape or Raspberry: pH 2.9)

19. Apple & Cherry baby food (pH 3.6)

20. Greek Yogurt (Plain: pH 4.3)