Dr. Oz and Jewel’s Chill Out Playlist

Learn which songs help Dr. Oz and Jewel relax.

Calm your anxieties and squash your stress with these relaxing song suggestions from both Dr. Oz and Jewel. Music is a great stress relief method that can do wonders for your mental health. Try adding some of these tunes to your regular playlists. 

"Angel Standing By" – Jewel

"Jack Johnson" – Dreams be Dreams 

"Hallelujah" – Rufus Wainwright  

"Bolo Bolo" – Steve Ross   

"Life Uncommon" – Jewel  

"La Femme D’argent" – Air  

"Awake" - Tycho  

"Alone in Kyoto" – Air 

"Ambrosia" – A Reminiscent Drive 

"The Sea" – Morcheeba  

"Hands" – Jewel 

"Un Bel Di" – Aria  

"Uruguay" – Nora en Pure  

"Feels Like Home" – The Him 

"All I Want is Your Love" – Christos Fourkis  

"Innocence Maintained" – Jewel  

"Slacks" – St. South 

"Afterglow" – Phaeleh