Dr. Oz's Health Expo: Chicago, November 6

The Dr. Oz Health Expo: Chicago, an all-day health and wellness event, is coming to Chicago’s Millennium Park this Saturday, November 6. The event is open to the public and will feature a free Know Your 5 screening for the first 1000 pre-registered participants. Click here to register for your screening. Learn about the many ways you can be a part of the first-ever Dr. Oz Health Expo.

Dr. Oz's Health Expo: Chicago, November 6

This Saturday, November 6, Chicago-area fans of The Dr. Oz Show can bring the show to life and take charge of their personal health. The first-ever Dr. Oz Health Expo will take place at Millennium Park from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Click here for the complete details. 

Everyone at the Dr. Oz Health Expo will receive their own Passport to Health, a guide to the exhibits at the event that invites those in attendance to get the most out of their experience. After visiting each exhibit, event guests will get their passport stamped; those who get all six stamps qualify to win a trip to see The Dr. Oz Show in New York City. Click here for the full schedule of events and more from the Passport to Health. Click here for official contest rules.

The Dr. Oz Health Expo: Chicago will also include a free Know Your 5 screening for the first 1000 pre-registered participants who will receive medical tests and readings for the 5 lifesaving numbers they need to know  – cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure, weight and waist size. Click here to register for your free Chicago Know Your 5 screening. To find out where you can get a discounted Know Your 5 health screening in your area, click here.

More on the exhibits being featured at the Dr. Oz Health Expo:

  • The Just 10 Challenge – This exhibit will let you explore the benefits of losing Just 10 pounds. Members of the Just 10 expert team will be present, and a station for each of the Just 10 tips will equip you with the information and motivation you need to get started. Click here to learn more about the Just 10 Challenge and get your free Just 10 bracelet. 
  • Dr. Oz's Dinner Club: Chicago – Well-known chefs from the Chicago area will train you to make the Perfect 500 Calorie Dinner according to Dr. Oz's Dinner Club Rules. Sample the delicious and nutritious meals for yourself. Click here to learn how you can join and submit your healthy recipes to Dr. Oz's Dinner Club. Click here for more information on the chefs appearing at the Dr. Oz Health Expo, including Art Smith, Karyn Calabrese, Dale Levitski, and the Spatulatta girls, Olivia and Isabella Gerasole. 
  • The Pledge - Make your pledge to stay healthy. This area of the Expo will be a space where you can write letters to yourself or your loved ones vowing to make the changes necessary for you to start living a healthier life. Click here to take Dr. Oz's Health Pledge now.

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