Dr. Oz's Skin Moisture Calculator: The Combo Skin Plan

If you're dealing with both dry and oily skin spots on your face, follow this plan from dermatologist Dr. Howard Brooks, MD.

Dr. Oz's Skin Moisture Calculator: The Combo Skin Plan

Fix dry patches and an oily T-zone with these steps.

Step 1: Morning Routine

Rinse face with warm water only.

Step 2: Nightly Routine

Look for cleansers with glycerides, as this will help hydrate the dry skin without increasing oil production.

Step 3: Moisturizer Routine

For combination skin, you'll apply two levels of moisturizer. The base will be a pea-size amount of sunflower seed oil. Apply this twice a day, once at night and once during the day. Sunflower seed oil doesn't clog your pores and lets the oilier parts of your skin breathe. The second add-on to the drier parts of your face will be a cream moisturizer. Look for glycerides as a leading ingredient and apply to the dry spots only twice a day.


Dr. Oz's Skin Moisture Calculator

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Will you ever feel comfortable in your own skin? That is, if you don't make an effort to protect it? Although 64% of adults do report wearing sunscreen when outside for prolonged periods of time, it turns out that only about 10% of people surveyed actually protect themselves daily, according to a recent review.

No matter what your skin tone is, unless you live in a cave with no sunlight, daily protection with either sunscreen, sunblock or protective clothing can not only protect you from developing sunburns (ouch!) but can significantly reduce your risk of developing skin cancer, particularly the deadliest type called melanoma. In addition, for those of you wanting to keep your youthful looks, daily sunscreen has been shown to reduce the development of wrinkles. A great teacher once told me that the best way to not have wrinkles is not to get them in the first place (think of how much money you can save on useless creams that claim to diminish wrinkles).

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