Dr. Oz's Skin Moisture Calculator: The Dry Skin Plan

Brighten up dull, flaky skin with this plan from dermatologist Dr. Howard Brooks, MD.

Dr. Oz's Skin Moisture Calculator: The Dry Skin Plan

What dry skin needs are barrier-repairing ingredients that help it act younger so it can have a healthy moisture balance.

Step 1: Morning Routine

Rinse with warm water to prevent overdrying.

Step 2: Nightly Routine

Wash face with a cleanser that contains ceramides; it will clean your face and replenish your skin's natural protective oils. Lock in the moisture with a barrier cream, as it mimics the fatty acids of your skin. Look for creams that contain ceramides, glycerin or hyaluronic acid. Use this cream twice a day.

Step 3: Shower Routine

When you shower, create a full-body seal by moisturizing your body with grapeseed oil. Do this while you're in the shower and still wet. Rub a tablespoon onto your body and face. Grapeseed oil has antioxidants in it, which can help reduce dry skin's fine lines.


Dr. Oz's Skin Moisture Calculator

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