Drew Manning’s Fat to Fit Plan

For 6 months, personal trainer Drew Manning stopped exercising and eating healthy in an effort to experience and better understand how his overweight clientele lived and felt. During that time, he gained 70 pounds. Now, Drew is committed to shedding the pounds and getting back in shape. See if his plan can work for you!

Drew Manning’s Fat to Fit Plan

Personal trainer Drew Manning has designed a simple 3-rule plan to break away from sugar and carbs and, by doing so, lose weight.

1. Get Your Carbs From Veggies

Unlike white breads and pastas made from refined flours, the carbohydrates in vegetables are bound up by fiber. As a result, the food is digested more slowly and will keep you fuller, longer. Drew starts everyday with a spinach shake. In addition to offering both protein and fiber, this shake is low in calories. Click here for the recipe.

2. Eat 5 Small Meals Throughout the Day


Eating five small meals throughout the day keeps your metabolism going. Try to incorporate a moderate amount of lean protein such as fresh lean meats and egg whites. Enjoy nutritionally-rich snacks like almonds and grapefruit.

The key to staying on track is preparing for the week ahead on Sunday. Stocking up and preparing your food ahead of time ensures that you’ll always have healthy options readily available.


3. Use Your Weekend to “Splurge”

You don’t have to give up that delicious cookie or delectable slice of cake – treat yourself on Saturday!

To bolster the dietary component of his Fat to Fit Plan, Drew makes sure to exercise regularly.

For Drew’s stretching routine, watch the below video:
For Drew’s core-strenthening exercises, watch the below video:
Click here for more tips from Drew in this behind-the-scenes interview.
Click here for more information on Drew’s Fat to Fit Plan.

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