Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables, It Could Prevent Cancer

Research shows eating a lot of fresh fruits and veggies can decrease breast cancer risk.

A study recently published in the International Journal of Cancer outlined the positive effects fruits and vegetables have on reducing the risk of breast cancer: "They found that women who ate more than five and a half servings of fruits and vegetables each day had an 11 percent lower risk of breast cancer than those who ate two and a half or fewer servings." Furthermore, based on the study, researchers were able to discover that eating these healthy foods may reduce the risk of more aggressive types of tumors. 

Findings also showed that cruciferous vegetables and yellow and orange vegetables worked particularly well in lowering cancer risk. It is important to get in enough daily servings of fruits and vegetables to better your health. One serving is equivalent to one cup of raw veggies or half a cup of cooked veggies and a half cup of raw or cooked fruits. Remember to perform a monthly breast exam on yourself and check with your gynecologist or primary care doctor if you are concerned about any abnormalities. 


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