Nutter Butter Ice Cream

Steering clear of dairy? Top off your day with an elegant portion of this vegan ice cream, which utilizes frozen bananas to get its thick, icy consistency. You deserve it!

Nutter Butter Ice Cream


3 frozen bananas

4 tbsp raw almond or cashew butter

3 tbsp maple syrup or favorite sweetener

4 tbsp water

1/4 tsp salt



Process the mixture in your food processor until creamy and set aside in a medium bowl.



1 tbsp raw chocolate powder

1 tsp raw almond butter 

2 tbsp raw cashews or almonds chopped

4 tbsp maple syrup 

1/4 tsp salt



Mix all the ingredients in a medium bowl until fully incorporated. Stir into the nutter butter ice cream and serve.

Recipe courtesy of One Green Planet

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