Elvis Duran’s Lab Book

Learn how the radio host made it sound like there was a chicken hiding in a cup!

Elvis Duran’s Lab Book

This experiment demonstrates sound vibrations and amplifications – and it also produces chicken sounds from a cup!

The experiment itself is simple:

One plastic drinking cup
Yarn or cotton string
One paper clip
One nail


Cut a piece of yarn about 20 inches (40 cm) long.

Ask an adult to use the nail to carefully punch a hold in the center of the bottom of the cup.

Tie one end of the yarn to the middle of the paper clip.

Push the other end of the yarn through the hole in the cup and pull it through as shown in the picture.

Get a piece of paper towel about the size of a dollar bill, then fold it once and get it damp in the water.

Now it's time to make some noise! Hold the cup firmly in one hand, and wrap the damp paper towel around the string near the cup. While you squeeze the string, pull down in short jerks so that the paper towel tightly slides along the string. If all goes well - you hear a chicken!

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