EPA Safer Product List

One of the biggest threats to our water supply is contamination from the chemicals in the cleaning and personal care products we use  and wash down the drain – every day. According to EPA administrator Lisa Jackson, the number-one thing we can all do to improve water safety is to shop for products made with safer ingredients. 


The US EPA's Design for the Environment (DfE) program helps consumers identify cleaning and other products that perform well, are cost-effective, and are safer for the environment. 

Products that pass the EPA’s evaluation are recognized under the DfE Safer Product Labeling Program. To get a full list of these products, click here.

About the EPA’s Design for the Environment program:

  • DfE labeled products work well, meet stringent safety criteria, and are priced competitively. Hundreds of manufacturers have changed thousands of products to meet the program’s high standards. They can be widely found in many retail, grocery and hardware stores. DfE has labeled more than 2700 products for a wide variety of common consumer and industrial uses.
  • EPA evaluates every product ingredient and labels only those products with the safest ingredients that have been screened against a robust set of health and environmental endpoints, including cancer and asthma. The program requires performance testing so people can be confident the products will work, and audits to ensure the products are formulated as represented.   
  • DfE products must also now disclose their ingredients. DfE is implementing a first-of-its-kind requirement – already in place for many products – that, to earn the label, product manufacturers must list product ingredients on the container or on the website for the company.
  • Hundreds of products bear the logo and they can be found in most grocery stores. People can look for the logo on products with the tagline “Recognized for Safer Chemistry.” Sometimes the logo is on the back of the product/package.

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