Four Steps to Health & Wealth

Your wallet and waistline are more connected than you think. People who are in extreme debt are twice as likely to be overweight. If you're spending money you don’t have, odds are you're gaining weight you don’t want at the same time. Live a healthier, wealthier life by following these simple steps. Click here to take the pledge.

Four Steps to Health & Wealth

1.       Write Down It Down

Keep yourself accountable for splurge purchases and decadent desserts. Write down every purchase you make this month. At the same time, keep track of your eating with a food diary. Confronting your overspending and excessive eating requires knowing exactly where you fall off the rails; get honest about what you really spend month-in and month-out. You can’t adjust your habits until you know where changes need to be made. Studies show that dieters using food diaries lose twice as much weight.


2.       Change It Slowly

It can be overwhelming to face your spending and eating habits truthfully for the first time, but don’t reach for the quick fix. You are looking for long-term solutions to your problems that require lifestyle changes. It took you many years to get into your current situation, don’t expect to get out over night. Instead of turning to bankruptcy or an extreme fad diet, commit to making small, manageable changes like paying off a one credit card at a time or moving the scale in five pound increments.

3.       Cut It Out

Cut temptation out of your life. Get rid of your junk food on your shopping list.  Cut up your credit cards. This will protect your FICO credit score. Thirty-five percent of your FICO score is made up of what you owe to your credit limit ratio.  Closing your account while you are still carrying debit brings your FICO score down because your debt to credit limit increases.


4.       Stand In Truth

Stop spending money you don’t have, stop eating foods that aren’t good for you and start living truthfully. Your family and friends can see  your weight problems, but odds are they don’t know about your financial troubles. It's time to get over the shame and embarrassment and own up to your situation. Being honest will allow the people around you to support you emotionally as you begin this journey. Click here to stop the lies and join the Truth Movement.






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