Get the Most From Your Moisturizer

Give your moisturizing routine a makeover with these tips from Dr. Fredric Brandt.

Get the Most From Your Moisturizer

Although moisturizer is great for the skin, you might not be using it in the most optimal way. For example, people may notice that they have dry, scaly patches on their skin and apply moisturizer directly to them rather than treating the skin as a whole. In doing so, the dried skin gets the most out of the moisturizer and the rest of the skin suffers.

So what should you do if you notice dry patches on your skin? First, exfoliate your skin to help remove the dead, flaky skin cells. This is easily done with over-the-counter microdermabrasion treatments or by making your own exfoliant at home by mixing one half cup of milk with two tablespoons of sugar. Be sure to scrub gently so you don't irritate the healthy skin cells and avoid any areas where skin is broken or appears inflamed. People with very sensitive skin may want to avoid harsh scrubs and simply exfoliate gently using a damp washcloth. After exfoliating, apply your moisturize to your skin as a whole.

Without a consistent moisturizing routine, you could be hurting your skin. Moisturizers with peptides are great to stimulate collagen production. However, to get the best results, you should use these moisturizers regularly, since peptides can change the growth factors in your skin.

If you have oily skin, you might feel that you shouldn't or don't need to moisturize. This is not so. In fact, if oily skin is not hydrated then it may produce more sebum which can lead to inflammation and more acne. The best solution for oily skin is to use a lightweight moisturizer with hyaluronic acid and ceramides.

Remember moisturizers are so important for your skin-care routine, but make sure you are using them properly!

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