Goldie Hawn’s 10 Mindful Minutes

Can you change your life in just 10 minutes? Goldie Hawn believes you can. She designed this curriculum for parents and their kids as a holistic way of raising optimism and awareness. The ideas behind the program are applicable to everyone. Learn how you can become more self-aware and reduce stress.

Goldie Hawn’s 10 Mindful Minutes

Goldie Hawn has three golden rules for changing your life in just 10 minutes.

1. Take Brain Breaks

Stress negatively affects the brain. When you feel stressed out, your brain goes into emergency-mode and shuts energy away from the areas tied to learning and memory. Recognize when this happens and give yourself a mental break with focused breathing or meditation. Studies have shown that people who meditate increase the density of certain areas of their brains. If you can’t meditate, try listening to music or staring at a wall. The break will help you see things more clearly and reduce stress.

2. Focus, Focus, Focus

Focusing on a specific taste or a smell helps strengthen critical networks in the brain, which improves decision-making and helps to regulate your moods. Goldie slows down her brain by blindly tasting jelly beans. She pinches her nose and guesses the flavor by taste alone. She then repeats the exercise with only smell. Develop control over what you pay attention to by directing your focus.

3. Kindness Is Key

As with exercising any muscle, you can grow your brain’s ability to care. Acts of kindness and empathy stimulate a release of dopamine called the “helper’s high.” This helps to improve memory, ease depression, and alleviate pain.

4 Steps to Shedding Your Pandemic Pounds

Forgive yourself, and start walking toward a healthier you.

For those of you who have put on the Pandemic Pounds or added several new COVID Curves, you are not alone. Alarmingly, the American Psychological Association has recently published that almost half of all adults in their survey now have a larger physique. In fact, 42% of people reported gaining roughly 15 pounds (the average published was surprisingly 29 pounds but that included outliers) over the past year. Interestingly, 20% of adults in this survey lost about 12 pounds (I am surely not in this group). Clearly, there is a relationship between stress and weight change. In addition, one in four adults disclosed an increase in alcohol consumption, and 67% of participants distressingly revealed that they have new sleeping patterns.

This past year has brought about what has been called the 'new normal.' Social isolation and inactivity due to quarantining and remote working have sadly contributed to the decline in many people's mental and physical health, as demonstrated by the widespread changes in people's weight, alcohol consumption, and sleeping patterns. Gym closures, frequent ordering of unhealthy takeout, and increased time at home cooking and devouring comfort foods have had a perceptible impact. In addition, many people have delayed routine medical care and screening tests over fear of contracting Covid-19 during these visits. Unfortunately, the 'new normal' has now placed too many people at risk for serious health consequences, including heart attacks and strokes.

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