Grilled Cheese Guide for Grown-Ups

Grilled cheese sandwiches aren't only for kids. Learn about the best bread, cheese, and topping combos here.

A grilled cheese sandwich is the ultimate quick and easy meal to whip up when you haven't had time to make dinner. Plus, with such simple ingredients, it's almost guaranteed you'll always have the supplies to make one. Add a little flavor into your cheesy indulgence by trying out different cheeses like goat, blue, or gouda. Step up your grilled cheese game even more with different breads like sourdough or pumpernickel and fun toppings and spreads like pesto, jalapeños, or pear. Use the chart below to help you come up with fancy creations that are sure to impress. Plus, check out more 15-minute meals, like this one, from famous chefs. 


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