The Healthy Guide to Choosing Fruit

Find out how much sugar is in your favorite fruit.

With the rise of low-carb diets, it may seem like fruits need to be cast aside in the interest of staying lean and having a healthy lifestyle. However, certain fruits are more sugary than others, and the fiber, nutrients, water content, and vitamins per serving make them a worthwhile addition to a balanced diet. Plus, if you are swapping candy, cookies, and other processed treats for a serving of fresh fruit, you're doing your body a favor no matter how you slice it. Wondering how your favorite fruits stack up? Read on to get the scoop and as always, be mindful of your portions. If you're heading to the grocery store or the farmers market, simply print this guide so you can reference it on the go.


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Talking to them about it may be uncomfortable, but it's important not to put it off.

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