How to Avoid a Car Burglary

Find out how you can prevent an automobile break-in.

Car robberies are becoming a heightened problem across the country. It is reported that these smash-and-grab robberies can occur at any time of the day, even in broad daylight. These criminals primarily target individuals that leave valuables exposed. They don't need a long time to steal what is in the car, so even people that are running in just to grab a quick cup of coffee become easy targets. Unfortunately, these crimes remain unsolved 98 percent of the time. However, you can learn how to avoid being the next smash-and-grab victim by following these tips:

Choose the Right Parking Spot

Finding the right parking spot can be tricky. When looking for the right spot, put aside your temptations to find a convenient space and take the time to look for the best location for safety. Stay away from other vehicles. However, if you can't, avoid being near tall trees or big vehicles. Also, park in well-lit areas near a security camera, that way anything that seems suspicious will catch your eye. 

Don't Leave an "Evidence Trail of Valuables"

Do not leave any valuables out in the open. Valuables can consist of power plugs, MP3 adapters, or bags in plain sight. When leaving items such as these exposed, thieves assume that there is something worth stealing in your car. Anything that you do not want to be stolen, make sure to take it with you or put it in your trunk. 

Use Inexpensive Technology

If you must leave a valuable bag in the car, you can by a GPS chip so you can track your belongings. This technique will significantly help law enforcers find your stolen items. Additionally, car robbers tend to smash windows to get in your vehicle. You can use a safety and security eight-mile window film to protect your belongings. This affordable tool prevents your window from shattering making it well worth the purchase.


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