How to Break Through to Your Teenager

Learn how to talk to your kids to find out what's really going on.

If you are eager to learn more about your teen but you're not sure how to start, psychotherapist Dr. Stacy Kaiser has some great tips to help you start the conversation. Print out this guide to keep it with you wherever you go and read on to learn more about approaching your children in the most effective way.

Friendliness Goes a Long Way 

Kaiser recommends being friendly with your kids' friends and setting up activities at your house like a game night or a pizza party to establish rapport and help open up the lines of communication with your children. 

Enlist Other Adults to Help 

Find another adult who your child trusts and get them involved in the conversation. Having another adult there can inspire new avenues of communication and you can swap tips with one another too. 

Get to Know the School Staff 

By making friends with school administrators and teachers, you'll have another set of eyes on your children and they can provide insider information that you wouldn't be privy to otherwise. 


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