How Many Calories Are Really in Your Holiday Cookies?

Find out how your favorite festive treats stack up.

The holidays are full of parties, quality time with family and friends, and of course, plenty of food. As a result, the number one winter complaint is weight gain. While it's not necessarily bad to indulge on special occasions, keeping track of what you're putting in your body is helpful to prevent the pounds from sneaking up on you. At this year's office party or neighborhood cookie swap, keep this guide handy to know exactly how many calories, carbs, and fat you're consuming with each bite. Keep in mind: If the cookies are larger than average or contain additional ingredients the numbers could vary. Grab a glass of milk and your favorite cookie (or two!) and enjoy the holiday season with family and friends! 


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Graphic by Jessica Namdar 

Green Tea With Egg White Foam to Soothe Your Sore Throat

From Dr. Oz's new book on traditional Chinese medicine, "Yin Yang You" — out now!

Are you one of so many people who suffer from pain, stress and anxiety? Dr. Oz set out to help you find relief. So to fill the gaps in modern Western medicine, he looked to traditional Chinese medicine — which uses 5,000-year-old traditions to help people preserve their health and prevent sickness. These ancient secrets are what inspired his new book, "Yin Yang You," about the powerful methods you can do right at home! Click here to grab your own copy.

The book is also filled with tons of delicious recipes that are packed with nutrients for your health. Here's an easy one to get started with. This green tea has a special twist to soothe a sore throat that comes on quickly. Egg whites and sugar are whipped together to add some foam to classic green tea for a cooling and coating effect.

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