How to Maximize Your Metabolism for Every Body Type

Make your metabolism work for you with these customized plans below.

Stop blaming your slow metabolism for your weight gain. These plans below work for every body type, so you can stoke your metabolism the most efficient way for your diet and lifestyle. Not sure what your metabolic personality is? Take the quiz here, and get a customized meal for your metabolism type. 

Metabolic Personality: The Grazer

Grazers are known for mindlessly munching all day long, putting their metabolism on a roller coaster of spikes and dips. To get your metabolism under control, follow these steps:

  1. Keep a log for two days to become aware of how much you're eating. This helps you see how mindless munching racks up the calories.
  2. Automate your meal times by eating every four to five hours. This gives grazers the structure their metabolism needs. Keep each meal between 400 and 500 calories depending on how frequently you're eating.
  3. Incorporate eight to 12 grams of fiber into every meal. Fiber-filled foods ward off grazing during the day by keeping you feeling full. Good sources of fiber include popcorn, berries, chickpeas, artichokes, pistachios, and beans.

Metabolic Personality: The Night-Eater

Night-eaters restrict their calories all day long, only to eat way too much at night. This gives your metabolism a big job to do right before you go to sleep. To get your metabolism working more smoothly, follow these steps:

  1. Schedule your meals for every three hours. Night-eaters need to schedule their meals so that they know they're eating enough. This keeps your metabolism revved all day so it can run more efficiently and will prevent you from binging at night. Make sure to keep each meal around 300 calories.
  2. Eat all your carbs at breakfast and lunch. Night-eaters can go carb-crazy at night because their bodies crave quick energy after not eating all day. Eating your carbs at breakfast and lunch will prevent that late-night carb binge. For dinner, make sure to focus on protein.
  3. Eat a pear an hour before bedtime. This will shut down your sugar cravings and the ritual will train your mind into knowing that's the end of your eating for the day.

Metabolic Personality: The Food-Fixator

Food-fixators are out of sync with their metabolism because they don't listen to cues like hunger and satiety, which then makes them sluggish. Here's how to speed your metabolism up:

  1. Commit to what you're eating for the day using color-coded containers. Food-fixators love to plan what they are going to eat ahead of time. The problem is, the more food they are given, the more they eat. Fill up what you're going to eat for the day in different containers - the largest one should be filled with fruits and vegetables that you eat at every meal. Medium-sized ones should contain your protein and the smallest containers should have your grains. If you are still hungry after you eat your designated portion, dip into your freebie bowl - high-volume snacks that are low in calories (and in a separate container). 

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