How to Play the "Never Have I Ever" Fondue Game

Play this game to find out what secrets family and friends are keeping from you.

How to Play the "Never Have I Ever" Fondue Game

This version of the "Never Have I Ever" game, featured on the new series The Dishreveals untold truths about what people do with their food when they think no one is looking. Learn the hidden food secrets your friends and family are hiding by playing this fun and interactive game at your next party. 

What You Need: 

Before you play, get these supplies in order...

  • Pen or pencil 
  • Paper
  • Empty fondue pot or a hat 
  • Fondue for eating 
  • Drinks (alcoholic drinks, optional)

How to Play:

1. Write all of the statements below on individual pieces of paper.

2. Fold up all the pieces of paper and place into a fondue pot (or hat).

3. The first player picks out a piece of paper and reads the statement outloud. 

4. If the statement is true for a player (i.e. they never did the action) nothing happens. If the statement is false for a player (i.e. they did the action) they must take a drink.

5.  Repeat, rotating players, until you run out of paper.

Statements to Use: 

1. Never have I ever eaten icing out of the tub. 

2. Never have I ever dropped food on the floor and served it anyway.

3. Never have I ever eaten something out of the trash.

4. Never have I ever double-dipped at a party.

5. Never have I ever eaten wasabi thinking it was guacamole.

6. Never have I ever eaten off someone else's plate when they weren't looking.

7. Never have I ever tried breast milk.


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