Healthy carbohydrates such as ancient grains are high in nutrients including protein and fiber, which not only fill you up but keep you energized throughout the day. Not sure which ancient grains to buy? Follow this shopping guide and get cooking with the suggested recipes. Print out a copy and bring it with you to the supermarket the next time you’re stocking up your pantry.

  1. Amaranth – enjoy it in this vegetable rice
  2. Chia seeds – choose these creative chia recipes
  3. Farro – a good substitute for rice and great in salad
  4. Freekeh – perfect for vegetarian meatballs
  5. Kamut – also known as khorasan wheat; try it as a pasta entree
  6. Millet – delicious as a pilaf
  7. Quinoa – swap your morning oatmeal with this quinoa breakfast bowl
  8. Sorghum – a great gluten-free flour option
  9. Spelt – try spelt pasta and pesto for dinner
  10. Teff – need a lunch idea? go with this grain bowl

You've heard of red wine and white wine but have you ever heard of blue wine? This blue version of wine is given a taste test to see how it compares to the classics.