How to Use the Self-Help Sourcebook Online

Use this database to find a self-help group to find support with addiction.

How to Use the Self-Help Sourcebook Online

How to Use the Self-Help Sourcebook Online

1.   Go to

2.   In the search field type in the issue: for example “drug abuse” or “alcohol abuse,” or choose an area from the sample list of topics and select “Find this Topic.”

3.   Read through support group descriptions and contact those that are best suited. We recommend that people try three groups so that they see what the best fit is and try at least six meetings of each issue.

4.   People with family members struggling with drug and alcohol use are better able to deal with the issue when they attend family groups – and their loved ones in recovery have better outcomes as well.

This information was provided by SHARE! the Self-Help And Recovery Exchange and CenterSite, LLC.

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