The Insider’s Guide to Ordering the Healthiest Pizza

Use this cheat sheet for a no-guilt meal for your next pizza night.

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The Insider’s Guide to Healthy Pizza (2:53)

You don’t have to sling your own pie or give up delivery night to enjoy a healthy slice of pizza. If you’re ordering pizza from your local pizzeria, follow this formula to order a healthier pie:

  1. Ask for a thin, whole-wheat crust.
  2. Request the pie be double cut.
  3. Hold the meat.
  4. Order all the veggie toppings.

If you’re ordering from a national chain restaurant, look for these specific pies:

  • At Domino’s, Get your vitamin C with the Honolulu Hawaiian Pizza.
  • At Papa John’s Pizza, go for the Garden Fresh pie that’s loaded with vegetables like green peppers and olives.
  • At Pizza Hut, look for the Veggie Lover’s® Thin ‘N Crispy® pizza.

Print out this cheat sheet and post it on your refrigerator or keep it next to your delivery menus to remember what to order.