Instant Baggie Sorbet Science Experiment

Make delicious fruity sorbet in minutes while learning all about the science of freezing.

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If you’ve ever used an ice cream maker, you know the process of freezing juice or cream can seem complicated. But the chemistry behind frozen desserts is surprisingly simple – and you can make sorbet using basic kitchen ingredients and supplies. The key is salt: By adding sodium to ice water, you lower its freezing point (this is called “freezing point depression”). As the water gets colder, it absorbs more and more heat energy from the surrounding environment – in this case, fruit juice – causing it to freeze. The result: delicious sorbet in minutes. Try it out for yourself!

1 part (e.g. one cup) fruit juice of your choice
2 parts ice
1 part salt
1 part water
1 small sealable plastic baggie
1 large sealable plastic baggie

Pour fruit juice into the small plastic baggie and seal it.

Add ice, salt, and water to the larger plastic baggie.

Place the baggie containing the fruit juice inside the larger baggie, and seal the larger baggie.

Now shake the large baggie vigorously until the juice reaches a sorbet consistency. It may take a few minutes.

Remove the smaller baggie, scoop the sorbet into a bowl, and enjoy!