Introducing Clipix!

Ever see a great health article or video, cheat sheet, recipe or picture that you want to save, read, watch or refer to later?

Now you can! has a new tool called Clipix, which allows you to organize your favorite articles, recipes and videos in collections online. Members of can start clipping right away! Here’s how it works:

When you see something you like, look for the “Save to Clipix” button.  

By clicking the button you can save the video, article, recipe or photo to a clipboard. You can create as many clipboards as you like and organize the information in a way that is best for you. Clip from and any other site on the web. Soon, you’ll have a digital library full of health information and inspiration.

Clipboards can be private and visible only to you or you can share them with family and friends. To help you get started, we’ve started some of our own clipboards in important health topics. Follow our boards, share them with a friend and submit your own links.

Happy clipping!

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