JJ Virgin's 3-Day Teatox Plan

Find out how to improve your health without ever feeling hungry or deprived.

Whether you've committed to finally shedding those extra pounds this year, or you just want to add some healthy teas to your routine, there's never a bad time to take up an Oz-approved teatox. This 3-day plan, created with the help of nutrition expert and author JJ Virgin, will keep you from getting bored or discouraged since you can sip on a wide variety of different teas and enjoy healthy and filling meals at the same time. Get your favorite mug out and turn on the kettle. You're about to embark on a deliciously healthy journey that will leave you feeling incredible at the end. Heading out? Keep these tips handy when you're on the go by printing the guide here

Begin Your Day With Dandelion and Milk Thistle Tea

This tea helps protect the liver so it can detoxify itself efficiently. Dandelion leaf tea promotes healthy digestion and may even relieve constipation so you'll feel lighter as soon as the day begins. Milk thistle has long been used in the Mediterranean region to promote healthy liver function and soothe the stomach. It can even fight bloat so you can have a couple cups a day to feel your best. Virgin recommends having this tea blend first thing in the morning and then delay breakfast by two hours so you give your body a chance to wake up and start cleansing itself.

Make Bone Broth Oatmeal for Breakfast 

The soluble fiber found in oatmeal makes it a great choice for this detox. It absorbs toxins while helping you stay full for hours. The minerals found in bone broth support healthy immunity and the collagen can heal your gut. Think of this dish as a canvas: you can add all kinds of fresh ingredients to it to keep you full and satisfied. 

Sip on a Low-Carb Soup for Lunch 

Virgin recommends making a roasted cauliflower detox soup for lunch. This veggie-packed recipe will give you a healthy dose of fiber and nutrients so you can stay full, keep things moving, and keep your energy up until your next meal. 

Enjoy a Cucumber Detox Drink in the Afternoon

Virgin recommends whipping up some detox water that you can sip on before dinner, or whenever you are feeling thirsty. Add cucumbers, fresh mint, lemon juice, and iced green tea to your glass for a refreshing take on your everyday water. The cucumbers and green tea help fight bloat and keep you cleaned out and hydrated. 

Stick to the "FFP" Rule for Dinner

Virgin says it's important to get a dose of fat, fiber, and protein (FFP) in the last meal of the day. This combination will keep you satisfied, fuel your muscles, and ensure you stay regular. She recommends making salmon with a veggie stir fry to cover your bases at dinner time.

Calm Sugar Cravings With Licorice Root Tea 

Licorice root tea has been shown to not only improve adrenal gland function and stabilize cortisol but also control sugar cravings. Since it tastes like candy, you can enjoy a cup guilt-free after dinner. Just make sure not to have a cup too close to bedtime since it can keep you up. 

Make a Cup of Valerian Root Tea Before Bed

You want to start fasting after dinner which is why Virgin recommends sipping on valerian root tea at night. It's a natural sleep aid that will improve the quality of your slumber, which is important since sleep can control your carb cravings and balance blood sugar. Getting enough sleep can also promote a healthy metabolism, helping you make the most of your detox. 


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