Juice Companies Respond

After uncovering unsettling test results showing arsenic in apple juice, The Dr. Oz Show reached out to the juice companies and the Juice Products Association to get their side of the story. Below are the statements we received.

Juice Companies Respond

The Dr. Oz Show's independent lab analysis looked at apple juice samples from Minute Maid, Apple and Eve, Mott’s, Gerber and Juicy Juice. We reached out to each of these companies. Below are the statements we received.

Click on the brand below to read the statements they provided:

Apple & Eve


Juice Products Association

Juicy Juice


If you want to tell these juice companies what you think about the current standards for arsenic in apple juice, click here for contact information to all the juice companies whose apple juice was tested by The Dr. Oz Show.

Click here to read the research and results of studies looking at the amount of arsenic in apple juice.

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