Just 10: Brad Lamm’s Workbook

Teacher, author, board-registered interventionist, and now a member of Dr. Oz’s Just 10 Challenge expert panel, Brad Lamm is helping you take an honest look at yourself and your lifestyle in an exploration of how emotions and self-perception impact your weight-loss journey.

By Brad Lamm

You've made the commitment to join Dr. Oz's national initiative, the Just 10 Challenge. Expert consultant Brad Lamm provides your Just 10 Workbook, a daily written practice designed to help you see that honesty and support are just as important to weight loss as diet and exercise. Put pen to paper and find the truth in your numbers: your age, weight, cholesterol, waist size, blood pressure. Begin your journey to live better, healthier and happier.

Article written by Brad Lamm
Teacher, author, board-registered interventionist, and member of Dr. Oz's Just 10 Challenge expert panel.