The Kapha Stress Plan

Find out how to manage your stress if you are a Kapha type.

The Kapha type is known as withdrawn stressors, someone who likes to have peace and is generally calm. When they feel balanced, they are faithful, grounded, and very healthy. When they are out of balance and feeling anxious, they tend to withdraw, feel sluggish and fatigued, and have feelings of self-doubt and worthlessness. Find out your Ayurvedic stress type here. Here’s how Kaphas can combat stress:

Get Some Sun

Since depression and sluggishness affect so many Kaphas, it’s important to get your daily dose of vitamin D. Whether that means taking a daily supplement or simply spending time in the sun, you will feel your natural energy levels restored in no time.

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Take a Walk

Since Kaphas are prone to weight gain, a great way to combine vitamin D and exercise is by taking a walk outside on a regular basis. Movement and sunlight can do wonders for your Ayurvedic type, and you will feel refreshed and restored when your blood gets flowing and you breathe in the fresh air.

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Nix the Dairy

If you are stressing out because your skin is getting oilier than usual, try to avoid congesting foods like milk and cheese. Dairy has been linked to increased acne as well because these products have a high hormone content, which clogs pores, increases oil production, and causes breakouts. If you want to maintain your calcium levels, you can still enjoy dark leafy vegetables, which are full of the same ingredient, without any of the unpleasant skin side effects. And if you can’t stand drinking your coffee black, there are tons of nut milks on the market now that work just as well as your usual creamer.

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