Kilo: Dog in Crisis

66% of Americans are overweight - and so are 1 out of every 2 pets.

Kilo: Dog in Crisis

Kilo is a Chihuahua in danger. His chronological age is 6, but his real age is 10.

While Kilo's health has lowered his quality of life, it's not too late to turn back the clock. Dr. Oz has provided Kilo and his owner, Vicky, with 3 tips that are inexpensive, fun and lifesaving:

1. Portion control
Feed overweight pets out of a food puzzle instead of a food bowl. This institutes portion control because a food puzzle has measure lines.

2. Healthy snacking
Try baby carrots, blueberries and celery. And give your dogs positive emotional reinforcement instead of dipping into the treat jar!

3. Go for a walk
A no-brainer for pet owners! Get out there and walk 10,000 steps a day! This is good for owners and pets - invest in pedometers and "petometers" and walk back to health.

If you've seen other dogs like Kilo who are suffering under their own weight, send us an email at and help a pet in crisis.

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