A Lifeline Group for Weight Loss

Lifeline Groups are a powerful, sustainable and free tool to accomplish your most challenging goals, ditch crippling behaviors, and connect with people who are committed to helping each other succeed.

A Lifeline Group for Weight Loss

A Lifeline Group for Weight Loss is a team you can create to achieve aggressive longterm weight-loss goals by holding yourself and the members of your team accountable to progress, and providing each other with honest feedback and support. Here, Keith Ferrazzi of the Relationship Masters Academy, and New York Times best-selling author of Who's Got Your Back?, gives you the 5 easy steps to get started.

Get started with 5 easy steps:

1. Brainstorm who would be in your Lifeline Group for Weight Loss‬

  • Come up with a list of potential “dream team” members, aim for 3-6.
  • Pick partners you admire who ideally have better commitment, exercise and nutrition habits than you do!

Pick people that can enact the 4 core mindsets that lead to group success:

  • Intimacy - Weight loss is a sensitive subject. Are these group members willing to dig deep with you, and are you okay letting your guard down in front of them?‬
  • Generosity  - Think of individuals with good energy and who are motivated to reciprocate that same helpful positive energy.
  • Candor - Weight loss can be tough. Can the people you envision in your group give honest feedback that will push the group members to their goals?‬ The truth will set you free!
  • Accountability - You need group members who won’t let you fail in your goals! Pick people who will hold you to the steps that will allow you to reach your goals.‬ We call these butt-kicking rights!

2. Reach out

Send your potential recruits an email or give them a quick call to feel out their interest and commitment toward being a part of your Lifeline Group. Don’t be discouraged by those not willing to commit. You need committed members to make this work even if it's just a few of you.‬

3. Follow up

If your recruits express interest, have a phone call or meeting to:‬ ‪

  • Tell them about the vision of the group and explain the 4 Mindsets it will operate around.
  • Talk about your personal goals and learn more about theirs.
  • Discuss the anticipated time commitment. Do not understate the commitment required and tell them to seriously think about the decision.

4. Register your group for an online weight-loss accountability community‬

The Relationship Master’s Academy offers group support for all types of goals including weight loss, as well as personal coaches to assist you and your group members through challenges.‬ There are also free online weight loss and fitness/nutrition tracking community websites to explore such as Nike.com, FatSecret.com and FitDay.com, to name a few.‬

5. Surrender Your Crown‬

Once you’ve got your team on-board and aligned around a first meeting date and place, it’s time for you to step down as leader. Everyone has equal ownership of the group.

Congrats and get set to lose big with your Lifeline Group for Weight Loss!

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