The Low-Calorie Snack Plan

Choose a healthy snack every time a craving hits with these simple guidelines.

Low calorie snacks have taken over the supermarket snack aisle but not every bag or box is good for you. Follow these healthy snack rules from nutritionist Kellyann Petrucci and snack smarter each and every time. If you're making a snack run, print the one-sheet plan to bring with you to the supermarket.

For Chips

Choose chips with up to five grams of fat per serving. Approximately thirty percent of calories should be from fat. Nutritionist Kellyann Petrucci and The Dr. Oz Show medical team recommend beet chips, a nutritious and tasty substitute for crunchy potato chips.

For Crackers

Skip crackers made with enriched flour and look for "whole" on a box of crackers. It should be the first ingredient listed on the nutrition facts label. When the word "whole" is used, it indicates that whole grains are in the majority of each cracker and the crackers offer more fiber and nutrients in each bite. Try nutritionist-approved seed crackers, a flavorful alternative for saltines.

For Sweets

Keep sugar from wreaking havoc on your blood sugar levels and opt for cookies with at least three grams of fiber. The fiber in cookies will help slow down the absorption of sugar and lessen the impact of blood sugar spikes. Avoid sugar-free candies as well, which contain sugar alcohols that can cause bloat and digestive issues. The star snack in this category is dark chocolate-covered almonds.

Dr. Oz's Golden Snack Rule

For any and all snacks, make sure you stick to the one golden rule. Snacks should only make up ten percent of your daily calorie intake.


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