Memory-Boosting Brain Game

How sharp is your memory? Play this brain game from Jason Silva, host of the TV show "Brain Games," to find out!

Memory-Boosting Brain Game

Enhance your memory with this fun brain game from Jason Silva, host of the TV show Brain Games. This game shows how our brains try to be effecient but at the expense of perception. Find out what you're supposed to see and what your brain allows you to see. 

Look at this photo of produce for five seconds. 

Click to the next page for the next image. 

Now, look at this photo for five seconds. 

What looks different in this photo? Click to the next page to see the answers. 

In the second photo, there was a banana and a smiley face on a lemon, both of which weren't in the first photo. The majority of people don't notice subtle changes such as the smiley face on the lemon because we rely on old maps in the brain to save time and energy. This reliance let's the brain run in autopilot so we don't have to fully pay attention to the world around us. 

Try to remember more by relying less on gadgets like your GPS and focusing more on the environment around you. 



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