Montel Williams' Plan to Conquer Emotional Eating

In his darkest moments, television personality and alternative health advocate Montel Williams found himself reaching for the one thing he felt could ease his pain: food. Now, he shares the plan that’s helped him break the junk-food cycle, so you can conquer your own emotional eating.

Montel Williams' Plan to Conquer Emotional Eating

Maybe you’re bored, so you reach for a soda. Or you’re angry, so you grab a cookie. But then you feel depressed because you’re eating so unhealthily … so you reach for another cookie. Sound familiar? Like many of us, Montel Williams struggled with the emotional eating cycle. It’s a crutch we all fall on at some point in time, for our own reasons.

Montel knew he had to turn things around. So, through years of research with food and wellness experts, combined with examining his own changes in his emotional response to food, he developed a plan. Now, he’s no longer the “jumble of nerves” that has to respond to every negative feeling with junk food. Instead, he’s created a plan that allows him to work through negative emotions in a way that’s good for both his body and mind. Here, Montel shares his solutions to tackle emotional eating once and for all, emotion by emotion.

Conquer Boredom: Never-be-Bored Kola Nut Infusion

Shockingly, a survey conducted on this website revealed that boredom was the number-one reason people cited for emotional eating. It completely dwarfed every other emotion. Studies show that low levels of dopamine can contribute to a sense of boredom, so Montel turns to kola nut extra for the energy boost he needs. Simply add a few drops of the extract – available in health food stores – to just about any healthy beverage or food. Montel infuses the kola nut extract into a slice of watermelon, providing him a caffeine boost as well as nutrients like vitamin C. In addition to its energy benefits, the extract’s pleasing, exotic taste serves as a reminder to Montel to stay away from junk foods.

Conquer Anger: Soothing Seed Combo

When we get angry, our body’s response is to fire adrenaline, which can fuel unhealthy eating choices. At the first feeling of anger, Montel combats the adrenaline with a nutrient-rich seed combo of chia and hemp seeds. Hemp and chia seeds are some of the highest protein-content seeds on the planet, and they’re highly soluble for fast absorption. Hemp seeds are loaded with fiber and protein, while chia has among the highest antioxidant activity of any whole food, outdistancing even fresh blueberries. One study showed that chia lowers blood pressure, which could be vital during moments of anger. To kick up the flavor a bit, Montel suggests you add the mixture to almond milk or coconut water.

Conquer Stress: Chilled Chocolate Goji Berry Blast

Stress leads to increased levels of cortisol that not only makes you more anxious, but also more likely to store the fat contained in junk foods for a negative double whammy to your health. To combat stress the healthy way, Montel drinks a chilled chocolate goji berry blast. Take 3 heaping tablespoons of raw chocolate and 4 tablespoons of goji berries. Grind them up, mix them together with a can of coconut water, and enjoy. The raw chocolate provides an antioxidant-rich, natural appetite suppressant without the extra junk in processed candy bars, while the goji berries are loaded with phytonutrients, vitamin C, and antioxidants, so you’ll combat the stress without packing on pounds.

Conquer Sadness: Happy Hunger Chews

Nearly everybody has turned to food for comfort during moments of sadness. While we grieve, serotonin levels drop, so we reach for snacks that may provide instant gratification, but simply don’t leave us feeling better, emotionally or physically, in the long run. That’s why Montel endorses and is a part of a company called Re-Body. They make a product called Happy Hunger Chews designed specifically to boost serotonin levels. They’re based on a specific type of the herb saffron called satiereal. A study of 60 women showed that Happy Hunger Chews were effective in quashing cravings, especially when they were feeling down. Montel guarantees that after just 8 to 10 days of consuming Happy Hunger Chews, you should start seeing a remarkable reduction in your amount of cravings. In fact, Montel has been taking them daily, and it’s been nearly 5 months since he has reached for a cookie.

Have you ever gotten to the last little bit of a vegetable or fruit and thought they only thing left to do was toss it? Or maybe you didn't get to one before it looked like it should be thrown out? Well there's no need to create more food waste! Here are two foods you can regrow right at home instead of throwing out.

Leftover Ginger

  1. Fill a bowl or cup with water and place your bit of ginger root inside.
  2. After a few weeks, watch for little sprouts to form.
  3. At this point, transfer the ginger to some potted soil. Give it plenty of space and moisture.
  4. After a few weeks, harvest your new ginger root!

Sprouted Potato

  1. Note where the sprouts (or eyes) are on the potato. Cut it in half so there are sprouts on both halves.
  2. Let the halves dry out overnight on a paper towel.
  3. Plant the dried potato halves in soil, cut side down.
  4. Small potatoes will be ready to harvest in about 10 weeks, while larger potatoes will be ready in about three to four months.

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